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Yes, They're THAT Good

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Andrew "Rew" Anderson,
Founder of the ClickStart PTC Community

I've been in the PTC business for years, and I know that if you're not using the absolute best PTC's then you're losing money. The PTC business has its share of low class, money hungry, and almost soulless scammers. I've lost money to them myself.

The biggest problem you face as a PTC'er is differentiating the great admin from the scammers. 

I know its been my biggest problem.

A simple solution many turn to is the overwhelming amount of “Top” PTC lists that have popped up recently. The problem I have with most of these so called “Top” lists out there is that they include a lot of PTC's that are just so-so and even ones that end up turning scam.

Some are decent, but nothing special. Others are brand new sites setup just to take your hard earned money and disappear with it. How are those “Top” PTC's? Easy, they aren't.

Those same “Top” lists will also change their listings so quickly that its impossible to trust them. Why is a PTC on the list one day and gone the next, replaced by a brand new site? Again because they really aren't the “Top” PTC's.

If you aren't using the absolute best PTC's then you're leaving money on the table (or even having it stolen from you). Which is why ClickStart's Top PTC List is different. You can be sure the PTC's on it are both renowned and well established because they meet certain criteria.

Each PTC must:
  • Have at least the option for $.01 clicks or greater in order to achieve the most money per click
  • Have payment proofs posted to ensure that they are paying
  • Been around for more than 2 years (or be owned by admin of another site that has been around for at least 5 years) to prove longevity
Of course these are just minimum criteria, one PTC goes up to $.10 (yes ten cent) clicks after upgrading and one's been around since 2001 so you should by no means be expecting the bare minimum.

Every time you click an ad at ClickStart's Top PTC's you'll be confident that your getting the most cash for your clicks. When you get referrals you can be sure your downlines won't disappear one day when the site goes down for good. When you upgrade there is no fear that you might lose that money. Instead you can be assured that the upgrade will unlock incredible earnings.

What kind of earnings will you be getting when you focus your efforts on the best PTC's?

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    Happy Clicking,
    Andrew "Rew" Anderson
    ClickStart Founder

    P.S. I've never seen another list with the same PTC's that I have placed on ClickStart's Top PTC List.  Sure they usually have 1 or 2, but never all of them and that's why I'm so confident that these PTC's will bring you the success that you seek in the PTC business.  a